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Puhups and Situps and Squats (Oh My!) 22 October, 2009

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.
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This week I began some working out. I’m always talking about it and never getting around to it because I feel sort of like it’s pointless. Getting in shape itself isn’t pointless, but I haven’t become any less insecure.

Well maybe a little.

I have made it to day 2 and I feel pretty good. My body is aching but it’s alright. I’m doing One Hundred Pushups, Two Hundred Situps, and Two Hundred Squats. I will make it through all 6 weeks because I’ll be 35 next April and there’s no reason not to look fabulous on my birthday.

Another post momentarily. Gotta take some Advil!