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A Happy Birthday to one Miss AL-X 10 November, 2009

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It has become the tenth of November and Alex is 7 now. Woohoo!
You may recall my banner was made by Goonigoogoo of Bigger than Cheeses. What you may not know is that every year for the past five years, and until Alex is 18, he has an agreement with me to draw a picture of her for her birthday. Pretty much every year I begin to remind him around Sept, he groans about it, and then finally I get a photo to him just in time and he makes something magic with it! I thought that this year I would put up a gallery of the past 5 years of birthday images. This year’s is a really awesome one! I hope you like these images as much as Alex does. It’s a great way to look back on not only how she’s grown, but 6 birthdays of awesome drawings by a big-time comic meister!

Thanks Goon! ❤ You're awesome <3<3


The Nature of Twevil 22 October, 2009

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I’ve been twittering like crazy. It’s neat to just meet people and talk to them. Yesterday I had a really great conversation on the nature of evil with a twitter friend which I would like to reproduce here. By reproduce I mean go through and turn into delicious copypasta. All the @’s after the first refer to who the tweet was addressed to.

(from @Alaksir) I could never understand some people’s pursuit of painting others as evil. Perhaps it makes them feel they’re better than everyone else.

@alaksir does this include or exclude actual “evil” people?

@silentpyjamas I really don’t believe there are actual evil people, well, unless in an MMOG of course, LOL

@alaksir really? I believe in evil people. It’s an argument I had with my brother many times, for he did not believe in evil people.

@silentpyjamas Okay, probably some people are more inclined toward evil than others, but I think everyone has similar tendencies

@alaksir I think, I guess, it is intent which means evil or not. I may be biased, however. Said brother was murdered

@silentpyjamas Oh man, I’m deeply sorry

@alaksir I don’t, however, believe the criminals in this case were evil. Whether I continue to feel so remains to be seen

@silentpyjamas You have every right to feel otherwise, I think

@alaksir oh absolutely! I think that it is whether the person is intent on pleasing themselves at the expense of others, again and again…

@silentpyjamas Thanks! That is also my opinion =)

@alaksir which is the demarcation for evil. If someone simply does not care, even if they know they are wrong, they’re leaning toward evil

@silentpyjamas Yeah, then people who are constantly pursuing to paint others as evil would actually be themselves evil

@alaksir It’s always been a big question for me and I ponder it periodically. It’s good to know I am not alone in thinking about it

@silentpyjamas It is a big question for any thinking people I think

@alaksir I can agree with that. No good can come of trying to spoil the reputation of another

@silentpyjamas Anyone who can feel empathy toward people marked as evil by others has certain virtue about them. It can be quite difficult.

@alaksir I concur. I think the answer a person arrives at is likely to strongly color their ability to empathize with “evil” persons

@silentpyjamas I think you are right. It is always much easier to blame others for our own shortcomings, even if we know what they are

@alaksir It can be difficult. At the same time, there is always the element of the fear of seeing some of them in one’s self and vice versa

@alaksir I think that’s why it’s a lot easier to Other them that way. It’s very easy to turn a blind eye to shared qualities with “evil”

@alaksir We may not all BE evil, but I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t DONE evil even once, ever in their lives

@silentpyjamas Nobody, except in fables and religious tales of course

Afterward we thanked one another for a fun convo. To be honest, I never expected to have such a great conversation with a total stranger in volleys of 140 characters or less. It was a good time and a thought-provoking chat. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Also seen on twitter, a link to the art of one @FatChickInLA which can be seen here. This lady is talented and I can’t even pick which one of her works I like best. She’s got it going on, man. Check it out!

Please feel free to add me on twitter, I can’t say I tweet about anything terribly interesting (well maybe a little) but it’s always nice to have more people to talk to all the time.

If you’re a twitter pal, hi!

Final note before I sign off for the night, Sunday (Sunday Sunday) the completely awesome (<3) @Abbalinio is helping me to attempt to create a couple of trendig topics, so if you tweet please tweet #pepperoniday and #RobotOverlords (previously my sister @SimianMobile and I have been rocking the RO) so that these topics of mine can achieve fame and fortune. I just wanna be cool!

Well now that I’ve been linked 14 October, 2009

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I suppose I must update this thing.  It’s been ages.  Let’s see, where to start.

Well first, hello twitterers!  Thanks to esszeeeeye (with whom I had a brief and intense if one-sided romance for several tweets) I might have a hit or 2.  Hello, sorry my blog is in such a state.  I generally refer to this as “my old blog” because I hardly ever write here any more.  Don’t read anything if you have any sense.  It’s all maudlin and emo.

Am I still crazy?  Yes.  In fact I just got out of the hospital after a mercifully one-night-only psych hold.  I’ve moved beyond trying to analyze this craziness and instead I just throw it all into stories and hope that something good comes out of it.

I’m avoiding looking back at some of these blog posts because they’re AWFUL.  I can’t believe I thought I was so clever or something.  On a few of them I did have some insight and I kinda like my poem “You Sail Away” (it’s on here somewhere and I’m too lazy just now to find the link.  It’s not a trrible poem though) so it’s not all bad.  But hey now that I’m here again perhaps I should keep it up.

I’m going to remove some of the stuff.  Well not remove, but make private.  I’ve kind of made up with the dad of my youth who hurt me so, so I don’t think my angry birthday diatribe needs to be really out there any more.  If you’re curious as to what it’s about, think of the kind of childhood that the weird creepy scared kid in your class probably had to make them that way.  He went there and now he’s gone the other way.  Almost 2 years ago now we actually hugged.  He initiated this hug.  For a moment I thought he was wearing a suicide vest or something.

My niece is 6 now and is a smart cookie.  You can see in the flickr feed that she rules in my photos and has grown up to be a hilariously expressive child.  She used to be so tiny, remember that, guys?  CRAZY!

Re: my tragically singleness (yes I know that’s gramatically incorrect but you could read it as tragically single ness if you understand my theory of ness) – It’s cool.  I can’t believe I was honestly so angsty.  I should have caught a beatdown long ago for being emo.

And to all the souls who were so unhappy that I gave up on Linux, I gave it another chance and it turned out to be kind of like an okay boyfriend.  Not sure yet if I want to spend the rest of my life waking up to it, but definitely intrigued and wanting to get more familiar.

So, thanks bunches, please don’t think that the CoCo then is the same CoCo now.  I was kind of a whiner.  And probably obnoxious.  But sometimes I could make a complete sentence or two.

-And yes, the “Other Places” are still there.

Love, The Evil Twin 19 September, 2007

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The Photographer’s Choice by Andrea Lindenberg (Book) in Arts & Photography

go right now and check this out. buy it if you like horses, or photography, photographs of horses, or simply pretty things. my Not-So-Evil-Twin is a brilliant photographer. her blog is a great read, for she’s also a wonderful writer. for years i have wished her much success and she’s been working her way into a tiny bit of being fay-moose*. she’s doing what i want to be doing, and i’m so happy for her i could pop! watch out, i’ll be following in her footsteps eventually, but not yet!

sister from another mister, i love you and i am sooooo happy to see your book on lulu. this is gorgeous and wonderful and the preview images are just great. that little girl’s smile is a sparkler, and once again you have proved that you have such a wonderful eye for capturing a moment at the peak of its passion. brava to you and i’m gonna have one delivered to your house so you can autograph it for me! love, love, and more love. i miss you (been too busy) but gosh i had to take a minute to tell you that i burst into tears of happiness when i saw this. love love love. ❤ i hope it brings you all that you deserve.

go, right now, people! check out the lulu page. go to her flickr and see the multitude of amazing images she has! read her blog and see how much she loves her art and the horses and the world she lives in. GO LOOK! i’m serious, you cannot fail to be awed.

(again) I LOVE YOU N-S-E-T!!

Love, The Evil Twin

*fay-moose = famous

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MY SISTER HAS A BLOG! (shout-out to the girl mechanic!) 19 November, 2006

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now you guys can read all about my sister’s automotive adventures on her blog. i harassed her for like months to get this blog, because she has such great stories from her work and i love it when she talks about cars. she also could get more women to feel good and even confident about dealing with their cars. she’s pretty passionate about cars and about people being knowledgeable about their vehicles. so far, every story is funny but i do like the one about the hose.

also i found this in the list of search terms for my blog:
“poems to tell someone your pregnant”

and in the interest of helping this person, should they happen to be searching again tonight, or to help anyone, really, who needs such a poem, i present “Pregnant.”

Roses are red
Violets are blue
One of us is pregnant
And it isn’t you.

i hope i’ve been helpful.

shout-out (and new category!) to jemma 6 November, 2006

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i’d like to take this moment to deliver a shout-out to jemma, my head designer.  if you have ever stumbled across my one (possibly 2) bra-related posts (they might simply mention “my company”) you will know that i am starting a lingerie company.  we’re not just selling frilly underthings, you see, we’re reengineering women’s undergarments in a way that i hope will shake things up.  we’re combining this with a liberal dose of “love-your-body” because even though i don’t really love mine just yet, i believe it’s a journey and at the least i don’t hate my body anymore.  sometimes i even think it has potential.

back to the point of this post, jemma.  jemma jemma jemma.  i love me some jemma.  let me expound.  jemma is not her real name.  her real name is something that begins with “j” and is just as easy to pronounce.  alex began calling her that after she decided she liked her.  alex was oh…pushing 2, i believe, when we met jemma and she could pronounce her given name perfectly well but she decided to call her jemma instead.  the nickname stuck.  coincidentally, jemma likes the sparkly things.  the first time i saw her cell phone i had to ask her to “plz turn down your bling, k?” because she had done it up.  i remember when she called me to tell me she’d ordered like seventy quintillion gross swarovski crystals to hand-attach to her wedding dress.  this girl even lined her own envelopes.  she’s a handy one.

i met her when someone advised me to call a costume shop.  the first one i called, she answered, and the rest was history.  she comes from a relatively well-off family (her dad is an entrepreneur) and went to an all-women’s college where she spent a year or something in paris making hats with the miliner to the british royal family.  *clearly* jemma is a quality girl!  and she is whooooolesooooooome!  25, just got married, just bought her first house, etc etc.  she is in the bloom of life and i couldn’t be happier for her.  she embodies so many wonderful things and she’s very different from many people i have known and from what i would expect of her if i didn’t know her.

one of the things that continually surprises me is that she has faith in my idea.  she believes in my company (and after a trip to the accountant it will be her company too but she doesn’t know it yet) and she believes in me.  this girl is very smart.  clearly i have something going on for her to be around, 2 years later, after having gone months sometimes without talking to me, and with progress in fits and starts.  oh.  and working for free.

at first i thought i would never really be able to find a rhythm with her.  i liked her but i always felt our conversations were kind of forced.  oh but then we went to a trade show 2 years ago (and took alex) and ended up shopping for a new shirt for the child after she wet her clothes and i had foolishly nelected to bring extras.  that was an interesting day.  she ate lunch at quark’s something-or-other (at the las vegas hilton) with aplomb, not really bothered by the roaming klingons.  i had sort of expected her to flip out.  we did end up getting alex a shirt (before lunch, of course) which she still has and which we’re saving for her so we call tell her the story (it’s way more haha funny but i don’t want to get off track here).  it’s powder pink with blue piping tank top, and says in sparkly iron-on, “Elvis” across the front.  it’s really cute.  i’m serious.  jemma would not let me dress alex in something tacky.  even then.

we’ve been working on some ideas, and i have to confess i was shocked, SHOCKED at how well she took to the idea of making stripper panties.  again and again she surprises me, like that time she ate beef ravioli.  (she had never eaten beef before that.  like ever.)  recently we had a conversation in which i was surprised again.  she began encouraging me to keep a “goals book” in which i set some goals for myself on pretty pages combined with pictures and poetry and what-have-you.  she loves pretty things and strongly believes in them as a method of encouragement.

she draaaaagged some goal-ish stuff out of me and i told her about my aversion to goal-settings (suicidal people ONLY HAVE ONE GOAL) and she was like “oh CoCo that’s like the worst goal ever.”  and she’s probably right.  so i got to thinking about goals and as i did, i realized that once again, in her sneaky jemma way, she had tricked me into figuring out something on the side.  goals.  organization.  schedule.  practice.  i just knew she would begin strapping order around me.  i just didn’t know when or how.  i thought i’d been pretty good at watching out for her but clearly she is an expert.

i’m not complaining though.  it’s my idea but jemma drives the company.  she asks me questions that get me considering stuff i hadn’t considered.  she calls me up with great ideas and watches things on tv and has recruited friends who want to work for my as-yet-nonexistent company.  she absolutely cares about me and cares about my well-being and it’s not as if i don’t have friends who are like that, but she’s different from everyone else somehow.  she is like, the least likely person and a  box of surprises.  she’s got a lot to lose for her faith in me but she’s always looking up and if anyone would know (or be told by their parents) to avoid a bad deal it would be her.  but she’s still around, and that is so encouraging.

so after this long and doubtlessly creepy (but non-lesbianic;  i have to throw this in here because it seems like you just can’t platonically gush over anyone anymore) blathering i would like to say “THANK YOU JEMMA because you are pretty frickin’ swell!”

in conclusion, you will all see her someday when we go on oprah.  i’m telling you man, she’s just like a rich girl, but totally not like the ones on law & order.