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Flock got mixed up in T3h Kuby Kaper 19 September, 2007

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i discovered a cool extension for flock today, called me.dium. it’s this weird social networking thing that…stuff. and things! it’s super-cool! this post was made using the swell flock blog editor which made this blog post not only possible, but way more likely than it would have been if i wasn’t using flock. the flock blog editor is what i use when i am not using windows live writer for the ink blogging feature. the second flock has ink blogging (with imagemap maker so i can make hyperlinks out of scribblins!) i am going to be using iflock full-time for teh bloggins. look out for posts in the future about flock and ink, by the way!

i met a neat guy who, upon seeing my pics of the piggies, he decided to make a funny lolcat-esque thingy for his crazy site and i think i like it! click the “i has flavr” at the bottom to see the post with the catburglary and the kuby kaper. ❤ p.s. more guinea pig pics at that crazy site. this guy is having fun and i am having fun with him!


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join the Flock! 18 September, 2007

Posted by silentpyjamas in flockulism.
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i, coco, am a dedicated flockulist. seriously dedicated. what’s flock? it’s a super-cool web browser. not just any browser, it’s the social browser. THE social browser. can’t get enough of it. what’s that, you say? what’s so great about it?

i’ll tell you. as you may know, i have a great love for my niece. she is gorgeous. she is smart. she is funny. she has wonderful aim. my sister and i have been recording her life in photographs since she was born. it took me forever to get around to uploading batches of photos. i got photobucket. i got flickr. i got this thing and that but what i didn\’t have was the desire to log in to a webpage and post photos. it was a frustrating experience to try migrating my photos from photobucket (where they are private) to flickr (where only some of them are). i found that to nass export from photobucket required me to become a paid member. i only like to pay for x number of things at a time and it wasn’t like i was doing anything special with photobucket. the other issue was tags. tags and tags and tags. it took me a good while to get used to using them.

one day someone said “try flock!” i was hesitant because at the time i barely had a myspace which i still only use for keeping track of people without having to email them. social bookmarks? facebook? you gotta be kidding me! work work and more work.

i was, however, drawn in by the pretty blue circle with the white star. oh how i love stars. i decided right then and there to give it a shot. since that moment, flock has to be absent from a computer for me to use another browser.

with BRILLIANCE the media bar with the clever flickr uploader helped me move my photos. i don’t remember the specifics but i do remember that it took me only a couple hours to tag, edit, and upload. i even got into the habit of writing descriptions for my photos. score 1 for flock.  this is a major victory because i am known to be media-lazy.

know what else is awesome about flock? the built-in blog editor. it’s super-awesome. both nifty and handy and, again, saving the trouble of going to a webpage to log in.  this also keeps me from being distracted by checking other posts or following my blogroll links.  i have about 8 blogs.  one sign-up at the account manager and i am done.  just open the blog editor and post.  genius.

i have been trying to get into rss feeds. it’s difficult, as i routinely forget to check them. at this very moment i have 1184 new feed thingies. i am only signed up for about 12 feeds so as you can see, i don’t get around to remembering to check them more often. the point is, however, that i *can* and that is totally awesome.  the feed reader opens right in the sidebar (oh sidebar <3!)  and i can read them all.  this is one of my favorite features.  i have a friend who is hot for google reader (and it is oh-so-nice) but there is that whole thing of (say it with me) logging in to google to check.

i’m not trying to insinuate that flock is a browser for the profoundly lazy (i would never do that!) but it is wonderful for people who have so much stuff to do that they would forget it all if it weren’t right in their browser, smiling at them beneficently, beckoning them to join in and be social and have fun.

what else can i extoll? thanks to flock, i joined magnolia. it’s a bookmarking service with some periods in the name but i forget where. i found the excellent irc channel (irc.flock.com #flock) which is full of really neat people who actually listen and respond when you talk to them about their product (or anything else. i should ask if any of them has a nice recipe for red velvet cake). in short, flock is a wonderful, pretty browser that is useful in a million ways and can be so configured that even i, coco, the configurationist, haven’t fiddled with all of the settings yet.

the video, here, is of the flock CEO, shawn hardin showing off flock 1.0. i’m signed up for the beta test and i can’t wait! i’ve been using this browser for quite some time now and have been through several versions of it. i haven’t found a single reason not to keep it up. watch the video with the caveat that what he is demonstrating is a drop in the bucket in terms of features and general awesomeness available in flock.

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/09/PID_012579/Podtech_flock.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/4151/flock-ceo-shawn-hardin-demos-the-social-browser&totalTime=594000&breadcrumb=bd13b1e36014425682ab5d1d66b84350]