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A Happy Birthday to one Miss AL-X 10 November, 2009

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It has become the tenth of November and Alex is 7 now. Woohoo!
You may recall my banner was made by Goonigoogoo of Bigger than Cheeses. What you may not know is that every year for the past five years, and until Alex is 18, he has an agreement with me to draw a picture of her for her birthday. Pretty much every year I begin to remind him around Sept, he groans about it, and then finally I get a photo to him just in time and he makes something magic with it! I thought that this year I would put up a gallery of the past 5 years of birthday images. This year’s is a really awesome one! I hope you like these images as much as Alex does. It’s a great way to look back on not only how she’s grown, but 6 birthdays of awesome drawings by a big-time comic meister!

Thanks Goon! ❤ You're awesome <3<3



1. squatdog - 10 November, 2009

thats totally awesome 😛 everyone should have this done, it’d be pretty cool to be able to pull out a photo album with an artists impression of you for each birthday, would certainly make a great conversation topic, especially when you aged up into the 30s or 40s. If I have kids I’m gonna make sure I get an artist to draw them each year on their birthday, definitely 🙂 5 stars for idea

2. simian - 10 November, 2009

That’s my bebeh gyrl!! I’m so glad she has an auntie who can cajole someone into making outstanding memories. Hard to believe there’s been this many pictures so far!!

3. portiabarron55689 - 8 April, 2016

Thanks. Is there any location on the Moon you would like to see? Come on http://tropaadet.dk/portiabarron55689081830

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