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This is all I really have to say right now 31 October, 2009

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.
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Stephenie Meyer: The Utimate Troll

C'mon tell me she isn't

I know I spelled her name wrong in the image. Don’t be mad (Unless you’re a Twilight-head then feel free. Your madness started long ago). I tried to read Twilight several times since last year. I’m struggling to make it past Chapter 2. That’s how bad it is. And I’ve read the Gor novels. I was fighting with MSPaint and by the time I realized it was wrong I was too damn tired to try to fix it. If you disagree with me check out any number of anti-Twilight websites and posts. A troll’s job is to rile people up, right? Her work here is done (but I bet she won’t stop).



1. Mark W - 21 October, 2011

This is all I have to say about the hair issue… 🙂

As far as everything else, the whole racism and bigotry by people on this planet… sigh… Sad.

I grew up in Germany, I’m still German, a 100%er per se, and I am not, or TRY not to be racist. There will always be stereotypes, but just because someone is Black/Brown/Yellow/Purple/Green/etc doesn’t make me believe that they are bad/worthless/the scum of the earth. Hell… I’m racist against white people at times. But, I personally don’t believe in color being the defining factor. It is the individual… not the group/caste/race

I believe everyone judges or profiles on some level, all we can do is try our best not to make a snap-judgement, judge unfairly or unreasonably. People might be surprised to see a lot of themselves in THOSE people.

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