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Well now that I’ve been linked 14 October, 2009

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap, shout-outs.

I suppose I must update this thing.  It’s been ages.  Let’s see, where to start.

Well first, hello twitterers!  Thanks to esszeeeeye (with whom I had a brief and intense if one-sided romance for several tweets) I might have a hit or 2.  Hello, sorry my blog is in such a state.  I generally refer to this as “my old blog” because I hardly ever write here any more.  Don’t read anything if you have any sense.  It’s all maudlin and emo.

Am I still crazy?  Yes.  In fact I just got out of the hospital after a mercifully one-night-only psych hold.  I’ve moved beyond trying to analyze this craziness and instead I just throw it all into stories and hope that something good comes out of it.

I’m avoiding looking back at some of these blog posts because they’re AWFUL.  I can’t believe I thought I was so clever or something.  On a few of them I did have some insight and I kinda like my poem “You Sail Away” (it’s on here somewhere and I’m too lazy just now to find the link.  It’s not a trrible poem though) so it’s not all bad.  But hey now that I’m here again perhaps I should keep it up.

I’m going to remove some of the stuff.  Well not remove, but make private.  I’ve kind of made up with the dad of my youth who hurt me so, so I don’t think my angry birthday diatribe needs to be really out there any more.  If you’re curious as to what it’s about, think of the kind of childhood that the weird creepy scared kid in your class probably had to make them that way.  He went there and now he’s gone the other way.  Almost 2 years ago now we actually hugged.  He initiated this hug.  For a moment I thought he was wearing a suicide vest or something.

My niece is 6 now and is a smart cookie.  You can see in the flickr feed that she rules in my photos and has grown up to be a hilariously expressive child.  She used to be so tiny, remember that, guys?  CRAZY!

Re: my tragically singleness (yes I know that’s gramatically incorrect but you could read it as tragically single ness if you understand my theory of ness) – It’s cool.  I can’t believe I was honestly so angsty.  I should have caught a beatdown long ago for being emo.

And to all the souls who were so unhappy that I gave up on Linux, I gave it another chance and it turned out to be kind of like an okay boyfriend.  Not sure yet if I want to spend the rest of my life waking up to it, but definitely intrigued and wanting to get more familiar.

So, thanks bunches, please don’t think that the CoCo then is the same CoCo now.  I was kind of a whiner.  And probably obnoxious.  But sometimes I could make a complete sentence or two.

-And yes, the “Other Places” are still there.



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