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i am a doofus when it comes to Linux! (or, how i learned to stop worrying and love XP) 5 November, 2007

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recently i installed linux mint on one of my machines. it was recommended to me by a friend (whom i don’t blame, i love you mc!) as an easy desktop alternative to windows. i was excited. this required a lot of work. first i had to poke around inside my machine and make the 20gb hd the primary master so i could use the 120 gb drive as storage. sounds good right? it took me a good 5 days to get mint installed. i don’t blame linux for this. the machine is a p2. it’s old. granny needs some coaxing sometimes. it would just get a little farther in the install process before just hanging on me. finally, it happened. i was so thrilled because it ran so SLOWLY from the livecd. old machine i blame!

i installed linux for one reason only. it was not the pleas of my friends to “just give it a try and see how awesome it is” or to play with all the linux-based software that i lament i can never find for windows (cool mind map programs i am talking to YOU!) i did it to install mp3act. mp3act is a swell streaming jukebox thing. i have a lot of music and my poor tablet (which is out for repairs ;_;) was getting full of music and running out of space for important things like programs that i don’t need but are fun to play with. but it only works on linux servers. i was going to make me a webserver.

and i did, with the help of a friend (thanks Aldryic!). i’ve done command line in linux before. once a laptop broke and i couldn’t boot into windows anymore but i wanted all my writing notes. a couple of friends helped me out (thanks Adam and Art!) i’ve ssh’d before (thanks whoever you were in my distant past!). i don’t blame anyone!

except linux. i know i just said i don’t blame linux, and i don’t, for that thing up there, but i do blame it for being hard to understand. when i installed mint it told me i did not need a root account. so i didn’t make one. i sudo’d this. i sudo’d that. the only thing i didn’t sudo was “make me a sandwich.” perhaps i should before i reinstall windows.

turns out that i need a root password to do anything i really want. this is very difficult. i like windows because i enter my password one time and then i can do anything. in addition, i can point the mouse at everything and click it. and it just works. if i want to install something i click the .exe, instead of typing apt-install. i’m not dissing linux, or mint, which is quite a lovely os. but i am blaming linux for being a little more complex than one might realize before trying it.

lest you think i go around installing operating systems without having a clue, i work on an open source software team. i am a pretty geeky chick. i have read up on linux but there is far too much to learn that is important, than people may let on.

there is also the problem (which i hear is dwindling) of elitist linux gurus who like to remind windows users that if they’re so stupid they should just go back to windows. i’ll give props to the mint people, never once did i get this attitude from them. i did, however, get it from some other linux users who told me that OBviously i should have known root was important and OBviously i should have known the diff between su and sudo and i should have known this thing and that. i didn’t know that i would have to read a shit-ton of books before trying it.

to anyone who manages to use linux out of the box, fresh from windows, and can get it running and do everything they want, i say wahoo. good show, you, because damn, as much as i know, i still had no idea that i would be in for this amount of work to do something in linux that would have taken me about 12 minutes in windows. i just didn’t see the benefit for me.

and as far as viruses, etc, i’m going to have to blame the prevalence of windows viruses on dingalings. i’ve been using windows a long time and when i get a blue screen it’s a big effing deal because i never do. viruses, spyware, etc, doesn’t really happen to me. i’m going to guess that dingalings using windows are responsible for the bad name windows gets. no wonder linux rarely gets viruses, they probably just get worn out. i’d get tired too if i had to navigate my way through an operating system just to cause some damage. word is linux is for elitists and hardcore nerds. i say, let ’em have it. it’s good for webservers and i hope in the future that is all the contact i ever have with it again. as for me, as soon as i find my windows cd, i’m going to be able to network my machines again.

oh bill gates, you’re my steve jobs-esque hero except without being creepy. ❤ windows!