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Flock got mixed up in T3h Kuby Kaper 19 September, 2007

Posted by silentpyjamas in flockulism.

i discovered a cool extension for flock today, called me.dium. it’s this weird social networking thing that…stuff. and things! it’s super-cool! this post was made using the swell flock blog editor which made this blog post not only possible, but way more likely than it would have been if i wasn’t using flock. the flock blog editor is what i use when i am not using windows live writer for the ink blogging feature. the second flock has ink blogging (with imagemap maker so i can make hyperlinks out of scribblins!) i am going to be using iflock full-time for teh bloggins. look out for posts in the future about flock and ink, by the way!

i met a neat guy who, upon seeing my pics of the piggies, he decided to make a funny lolcat-esque thingy for his crazy site and i think i like it! click the “i has flavr” at the bottom to see the post with the catburglary and the kuby kaper. ❤ p.s. more guinea pig pics at that crazy site. this guy is having fun and i am having fun with him!


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1. Laura - 27 November, 2007

Just wanted to remind you about a contest we have going on at Me.dium that ends on Friday. Me.dium is looking for users to create videos that demonstrate what Me.dium is, how it is used and how it has impacted Web surfing.

First place winner will receive a 2.16GHz, 13” MacBook, second and third prize winners receive a 16GB iPod Touch and fourth and fifth prize receive an 8GB iPod Nano. Details and rules are available at http://me.dium.com/promo/whatis.

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