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Love, The Evil Twin 19 September, 2007

Posted by silentpyjamas in n-s-e-t, pimpery, shout-outs.

The Photographer’s Choice by Andrea Lindenberg (Book) in Arts & Photography

go right now and check this out. buy it if you like horses, or photography, photographs of horses, or simply pretty things. my Not-So-Evil-Twin is a brilliant photographer. her blog is a great read, for she’s also a wonderful writer. for years i have wished her much success and she’s been working her way into a tiny bit of being fay-moose*. she’s doing what i want to be doing, and i’m so happy for her i could pop! watch out, i’ll be following in her footsteps eventually, but not yet!

sister from another mister, i love you and i am sooooo happy to see your book on lulu. this is gorgeous and wonderful and the preview images are just great. that little girl’s smile is a sparkler, and once again you have proved that you have such a wonderful eye for capturing a moment at the peak of its passion. brava to you and i’m gonna have one delivered to your house so you can autograph it for me! love, love, and more love. i miss you (been too busy) but gosh i had to take a minute to tell you that i burst into tears of happiness when i saw this. love love love. ❤ i hope it brings you all that you deserve.

go, right now, people! check out the lulu page. go to her flickr and see the multitude of amazing images she has! read her blog and see how much she loves her art and the horses and the world she lives in. GO LOOK! i’m serious, you cannot fail to be awed.

(again) I LOVE YOU N-S-E-T!!

Love, The Evil Twin

*fay-moose = famous

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