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the bleh and the bleh-er 9 May, 2007

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

sometimes i login to this blog to say things and then realize that i am saying like, some shit i said aaaages ago.  it’s SO WEIRD.  also dumb.

one might think that after all of this time and these crazy-ass depressions i have been having, i might go to the doc and get some medicine.  one might *think*.  except i HATE medicines.  sure say what you want about like, being crazy and stuff.  i know, i KNOW that if i had medicines i would be like all not-that-depressed and then not-that-manic and possibly not-that-psychotic.

of course then i would also be not-that-coco either, because nothing says “hello, zombie!” like someone on medication lurching their way through life.  you might call this “better” but i call it “unhealthy.”

anyways that’s it.  my friendships are crumbling around me (it’s a cycle, you know) it seems, and i am frustrated with trying to build my company.  really i just about no longer care about anything.  i’d sure like to raise my brother from the dead and trade places with him.



1. whiskeykitten - 10 May, 2007

speej… sister girl… i’m here.. we’ll never crumble..
stick your finger in the company pie and don’t give up babe, it WILL happen. it will be sweet.

Also. try Alexander Technique.

2. docwilder - 21 May, 2007

I tried one of those anti-depressants one time to quit smoking. I had to give them up after less than a week. I felt like I was on the edge of exploding or something. Nasty feeling. Anyway, I’m still smoking but I haven’t blown up yet…

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