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christmas, boobies, and other things 27 December, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

first of all: merry kwanzukkah. my sister and i like to tie ’em all up at once in a greeting. i hope everyone’s having a good season.

second: pics up on flickr soon of my GIFT STASH. very awesome. i got one of these and it is quite lovely. i’m enjoying the perks of being able to do neat things, except there is the teensy problem of this. it’s true, my boobs and my tablet pc are not really the best of friends yet. you’d think i’d be able to use my amazing powers to fix it.

and perhaps i shall, using this here which is, of course, the culmination of a dream and will be open for business soooon! fr srsly!

too a while to get the site and everything together and i have some minor fixin to do but we will be launching unofficially very soonl in addition to that, i am not sure what i wil precisely be doing with the brazenrevolution.wordpress blog, since i haven’t updated it in ages and there is one at the site. don’t worry, the site itself will not languish from lack of love and attention. as everyone’s favorite murderous short person says “coco, you can’t rest all day. you have to build my future!”

more updates to come, everything’s great, i called my personal jerk and wished him and his girlfriend a merry christmas. why? because i’m a sucky pushover, that’s why!

merry/happy/joyful/peaceful/what-have-you holidays/lack thereof to all. except those of you who want me to wish you crappy holidays or lack thereof. blah blah blah. kisses!



1. TechZ - 27 December, 2006

Seasons Greetings to you as well SPJ

AND wooooooooooo, congrats on the new site being launched 😀

2. whiskeykitten - 8 January, 2007

congratzos (like matzos, but can be eaten all year round) and all that and welcome to another year…

3. Dave - 9 February, 2007

You still alive???
Haven’t seen you around the chan’ for ages…

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