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about the jerks: for all the angry people 14 December, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

don’t be mad at me for collecting data and then expressing my views on what it means.  if you disagree, please feel free to let me know, but for crying out loud don’t tell me what kind of horrible harpy i must be for explaining something.  it’s terrible and tragic but hey, i’m just the answerer of questions.  have i had jerks in my life?  yes.  do i hate them?  no.  am i sorry i wrote this?  hell no.  if you don’t like it, then really, we can agree to disagree.

i am not encouraging women to go out with jerks, or to ditch their nice-guy boyfriends.  let me put this to you again.  i was simply answering a question for unspecified parties.  yes, more than one.  hell, more than several.  why not take a poll and ask your friends that are girls and with jerks, why they’re with a jerk instead of a nice guy.  please report back to me with the answer because i am always up for updating my hypotheses.  however, it’s not going to work just for you to tell me how stupid i am (on im or irc or whatever) and never give me a thing to back up your claims.  at the least i have a relatively logical chain of events/reasons listed.  -_-

and as for the jerks in my own life, if they’re being jerks i tell them.  just like i expect anyone to tell me if i’m being a jerk.  but regardless of what’s said, someone being a jerk is still a jerk.



1. Mango - 24 December, 2006

Am I a jerk, Coco?

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