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randomness 10 December, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

what is new in my world?

a) i have henceforth officially given up on my company.  if anyone knows how to sell an idea, do let me know.  please.  i’d like to think that someone could make something out of it.

b) my niece is finally learning to read.  i mean she’s 4 so i guess she is not *so* far behind.  it seems she knows how to read more than she lets on usually, because i think she recognizes whole words.  who knows.

c) i am behind on all of my projects.  it is because i have been blah blah and feeling sucktacular.  i am still considering going to get some meds.

otherwise, i guess everything is same old, same old.  thought i’d just update lest everyone think perhaps i have died.  while that would be nice it hasn’t happened yet.



1. TechZ - 12 December, 2006

Damn to #1, I thought it was a brilliant idea 😦 Sorry to hear it!

#2, well thats a bit of good news, 🙂

#3, were all behind on our projects, I really know how that feels!

Take Care

2. Bill - 19 December, 2006

I thought “sucktacular” was a provence in Canada?

Truely am sorry to hear you are not feeling good. Is there anything I can do?

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