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you sail away (atlantis) 31 October, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in 420 posts, poem-tree, stuff and nonsense.

i saw your flag when you were still miles away
didn’t mean a thing
sat on my hill and found a better thing to do

stepped on my shores then i had too much to say
meant all too much
should have thought more about it

the water’s so wide
the water’s so deep
couldn’t have better than life as an island

so i stand with my face to the summer sun
there are lies in my eyes and i say it’s the spray
it’s easy the leaving it’s harder to stay
and i watch you sail away

the best spyglass is the one made with my hands
though i can’t see a thing
just means i don’t have to know what’s there

can’t have an hourglass if it’s empty of sand
that’s the point
it’s always right now and tomorrow is not at hand

the water’s so blue
the water’s so clear
can’t imagine it any other way so i will never leave

so i turn away from the summer sun
and i fear and i dread that the water i tread
will give me away it is blooming with red
as i watch you sail away

i seem to remember the summer sun
the dive that i take and the smile that i fake
through the choke and the shake as i drown in your wake

i heard once of something called the summer sun
it’s not hard to be brave underneath of the waves
don’t believe what you hear
there was no island here
fold your map and sail away



1. Locke - 31 October, 2006

I don’t really know what the story is but I think there is one and I like it. Seems like it ought to be a song.

2. TechZ - 1 November, 2006

Locke, I was thinking the same thing, a song with these lyrics would be really good.

3. Bill - 8 November, 2006

CoCo – Jemma sound great! Keep her in your life. And you two ate a Quarks!?! I’d give a semi-needed body part to be there. I’m a terrible Star Trek junkie. No, I don’t dress up like a Klingon or anything like that, but I do own a phaser (batteries are dead but it still raises the eyebrows of Jahova’s Witnesses once in a while).

Dang! Qua-Plah!

4. Bill - 8 November, 2006

Oh, that message was meant for the latest post…

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