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a post script 25 September, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in 420 posts, blather and claptrap, chronicle of the crazy.

lest you think this kind of hallucination is like the awesomest game you ever wished you could play, i wanted to just say it’s not all cotton candy and flowers.

at the moment i am having intermittent issues seeing stuff as if i have vaseline spread across my eyes.  my neck and shoulders (and eventually my whole body) is hypersensitive and the collar of my shirt especially, is vexing because my skin feels like it is humming.  i have a high-pitched whine noise that i can’t block out even by plugging my ears and tha is compounded by the fat that the constant noise of my thoughts is getting so loud it is almost nauseating.  which is odd because i call it noise but i feel it rather than hear it.  i am also not sleeping too well and whenever i am alone, hoo boy. 

anyways, this is pretty normal stuff.  like i sort of feel like i am not actually touching everything which is really annoying.  i am a little (kevin) spacey but i’m alright.  i think that maybe a little rest and a little green crunchy will do me just right.  funny, i’m lucky because i bet if i had nobody and was left alone with my thoughts during these times, i would be crazier than a shithouse rat.



1. Al - 26 September, 2006

dear speej i remembered where i had seen something like this before.

the wheel of time series – robert jordan – have in them a dream world, and one of the characters is a dreamwalker or something like that and she can enter the dream world while awake. the dream world is a mirror of the real world and wherever someone dreams they are, there they are in the dream world. people pop in and out of it all the time as they randomly dream of themselves in a particular location. there is also a sort of dream void, which is full of stars; each star is a person’s dream. so she can see everyone’s dream and enter it and talk to the dreamer, and also she can travel in the real world by travelling in the dream world – where anything you can dream of is possible – really fast.

it is a good series but it is so very very long.

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