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if only for today 24 September, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap, chronicle of the crazy, pink city apartment.

i am unafraid. that goes out to my brother. that’s all about that.

last night i had a dream that tied up a lot of dreams i have been having. i dream i am in a city. some parts of the city that are inhabited by scores of people in one dream, and in the next are practically empty. i am not sure yet if it is the same city with the pink apartment, so i am waiting. i’ve been having a surge in this series of dreams so i think that probably it is related. i will find out soon.

so i heard that these crazy thoughts i have about “other places” may be something called “delirious mania.” i’m not really able to find much information about it online, and what i have found is somewhat frightening. i am not going to worry much about it for now, since i already have an established rhythm and method for dealing with this. i’ll update when i get more of a clue about the city. there’s more to it but it’s 6am and i’m not thinking that clearly.

i found a super-awesome blog from someone who saw this same monkey show “romeo and juliet: a monkey’s tale” on animal planet. very strange documentary but pretty neat. check this blog out. it’s pretty sweet.



1. sarahnoel - 25 September, 2006

Indeed, the narrative/documentary style was very good at playing on our emotions. I admit that I transfered many of my feelings about characters in Shakespeare’s play to the monkeys and was extremely distraught at times…

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