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Dihydrogen Monoxide and Hard Water: What You Need to Know 12 August, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

Hard water is known to be a sort of universal difficulty, especially among those living in rural areas. The deposits of salts and minerals can wreak havoc on your hair, leave a scaly residue in bathtubs, toilets, and sinks, and cause faucets to rust much more quickly than usual. The taste leaves much to be desired, unless one desires to know the flavor of rocks. As such, hard water isn’t considered very dangerous to our health. A major component of hard water, however, is Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) also known as hydric acid. DHMO is known to be a contributor to acid rain, global warming and soil erosion. According to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on DHMO, it is potentially hazardous to humans and animals. Under certain circumstances DHMO can react violently when combined with specific substances, and it’s known that DHMO’s mingling with the trace minerals in hard water contributes directly to the inconveniences that those who have hard water deal with on a daily basis.

One avenue of recourse available to those with hard water is a water softener. This device uses ion exhange to remove the minerals that have been deposited and are mingling with the DHMO to cause the water hardness. It’s been shown that in rare cases, after a shower with hard water you can come out feeling as if you have been pelted with rocks, or run through a sprinkler only to feel as if someone has whacked you with a cookie sheet. This is due to the effects of the DHMO allowing large amounts of ground elements to seep into the water and give it what seems to be extra weight.

Hard water is enough of a problem by itself, and a softener such as this one will definitely help remedy that situation. The added bonus of this Kinetico water Softener/Conditioner is that it will also help keep DHMO from reacting with the minerals and salts that are part of hard water, and will keep your water silky-smooth, delicious and safer than before.

For more information on Dihydrogen Monoxide and its effects on us and our environment, please visit DHMO.org.



1. Bill - 29 October, 2006

Good point concerning the hydric acid Silent, but did you also know that a typical water softener (not just Kinetico) will remove uranium from drinking water as well?

Water softeners solve a lot of problems: Iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, hardness and the uranium I just mentioned. However, there are other contaminants in our water that can be treated with other methods that are even more effective than ion exchange water softeners. Activated carbon for instance will render chlorine added my municipal water suppliers inert. Chlorine has been linked to cancer. And activated carbon will make the water taste wonderful.

It’s a good idea for people to test their water to find out exactly how much of what is in it before choosing a treamtment method or system. For instance, while a water softener will remove iron in well water supplies, it will only remove up to 3 mg/L (milligrams per liter) where an iron filter will handle up to 15 mg/L. It all depends on how much of what is in the water. In theory, any problem water can be treated and made fresh and potable once the proper treatment method is realized.

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