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vaht ah lahfly day: navigation of a chat with my sister 27 July, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap, F.S.B.A., little navigations.

it really was. had a nice meeting (read more at my company’s blog) and i feel eminently encouraged and hopeful.  life feels good right now.

my sister and i had a nice long chat this evening about this and that, and it was pretty neat.  alex was in bed (and she went to sleep like right away, whoa)  and we got to just sit and chittychat.  it was really pleasant.  we talked about people and their habits and their tendencies.  we delved into how our childhood affects us now.  the big thing was body language.  when we were kids, our father did not really use body language.  like he’d be perfectly fine, and then WHANG YOU RIGHT ON THE HEAD or something.  right into the wall.  he never betrayed any kind of sign that he was going to be any particular way, unless he was very agitated.  money was a weapon, food was a weapon, time with our siblings and mother was a weapon.

and now we find ourselves, as adults, having a terrible time relating to other people.  it’s as if we don’t understand what “normal people do” so we do what we do and find out, little by little over time, how much it differs from other people.  we went from this topic to, of all things, acid.

no, not the kind you throw in someone’s face,  silly.  the kind you drop so you can trip or fry.  i have personally never done acid.  we discussed why.  i son’t have any particular inclination toward wanting to either, even though i seem to sail through most hallucinations with ease.

i think this is because like, in my hallucinations the world i am currently inhabiting has rules, just like this one.  so a pink elephant on the wall wouldn’t fit in anywhere. i wouldn ‘t know how to respond because while in the water tower i know how to act because the illusion is complete, but there is no place where i have a background and set of rules for pink elephants.  my sister told me any little change in mood or something can trigger a bad trip.  and the length of the trip, 12 hours.  yikes!

my brain is fried all by itself.  besides, to keep it warm i bake it on a regular basis.

i feel like writing some fiction but it’s not writable yet.  it’s swirling around in my brain taking shape.  sometimes i wonder if i actually make up my fiction, or if it’s like the tobacco mosaic virus experiment.  now i have to explain it.

basically tobacco mosaic was the first virus to be discovered.  a guy put the ingredients for it together  (on purpose or not, i cannot recall) and like, the next day when he came in to check on it, the virus had formed all by itself.

yes so i am saying, do i make it up or do pieces that fit together just come together on their own?  we shall soon see, eh?  well, actually no we won’t.  i’ll just have an idea soon.

we talked about the gym.  F.S.B.A. has been on hiatus for a bit, owing to our crappy schedules.  we’re gettig busy though, because, well, she’s got to get a little sexier for her birthday (kinda soon but not too soon) and i am on a mission to be the hottest transatlantic tomato there ever was.  we talked about the poon pool, and determined not to let the rotten girls at the gym ruin our good time.  we’re not there to pick up hot gym guys.  my sister had a husband and i, well, just can’t be bothered to pick up a gym guy.  we’re there to get in shape, feel better about ourselves, and freakin get in some quality Boggle time while we ride the bikes.

(oh yeah, we have 3 versions of boggle.  tiny mini portable, regular, and some fancy-pants version.  sick, no?)

wels lid off the topic of the gym and talked about, well, something.  i forget.  anyways, this wasn’t as awesome a navigation as the music one, but don’t worry.  there will be other, different navigations.  maybe even better.  kiss kiss darlings!



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