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brother germany and more 23 July, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

so my friend jeremy called.  he is known as brother germany among a really select few of our mutual friends.  like maybe between 4 of us, including him.  anyways we caught up, laughed a lot, and i logged into my myspace page to add him.  lol it is like all my friends can be found there.  i am the only one among them that does nothing with the page except read it like the CoCo’s Friends News.

we laughed a lot about stuff from the past and it was really cool.  haven’t spoken to him in 3-4 years.  maybe longer, really.  he has a really deep voice and at one time was on the radio.  oh brother germany, it was great to hear from you.

in less awesome news, my travels are seemingly going to be put on hold.  this is very irritating to me as i am sick and tired of money always being the problem.  man, when i am the ruler of the earth money will be illegal!  i just really want to go, want to meet some people, have some adventures, have something to think about when i come back here.   i hope that something happens.  i hope that i can still go when i want to.  there was a particular adventure i really had my heart set on, i was preparing for it already.  i do not want to miss out on that.  it’s the one adventure that was going to be pretty frikin memorable.  perhaps it really will be time for me to once again commence the writing of the grown-up stories to finance my dreams eh.

nothing else, really.  i just feel a little crushed.  i am trying to climb out of this crush-hole as quickly as possible though.  i can’t languish in a pool of my own tears when i nyself believe i can change reality through the sheer force of my will.  in fact, now i feel empowered to make mincemeat of the assertion that i won’t be able to afford to go on my trip.  it is so crazy how that happens.

totally crazy.



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