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wow the places people come from 17 July, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in 420 posts, blather and claptrap, inflammatory!.

how do people find my blog?

my latest favorite referrer (1 hit) is http://bandc.wordpress.com/ which is the chronicle of two very bad people who  are super-wrong.  i say super-wrong because if you’re gonna sleep around on your spouse, why not just BREAK UP WITH THEM?  how TERRIBLE to let someone think you’re doing right by them, let them trust and believe and have faith in you when you are our squandering that faith in them.  pfft.   pretty despicable i say.  they may be cool people, bonnie and clyde, but they are terrible spouses.  for shizle.  makes me never want to get married.  can’t frickin’ trust anyone, sheesh.

search terms under which my blog has been located:

sex with sister and dog blog, what women pirates wore, “phantom itch” AND tired AND symptom, my sister and i get excited about fuckin, pink bedroom slipper+guy+porn, skinny bitch success stories, crazy sex party in water, “dog licking my feet”, ooooooooooooooo, and a bunch of others.  i really like the women pirates and phantom itch ones.  i really do like them.



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