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hot nerd luvins brought to you courtesy of irc.freenode.net #winehackers 17 July, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in 420 posts, blather and claptrap.

you know who you are, i did this for you.


[22:02] <gEek69> lol
[22:03] <gEek69> โค silentpyjamas
[22:03] <silentpyjamas> โค
[22:03] <silentpyjamas> i’m googling you…right now
[22:03] * silentpyjamas goggles you
[22:03] <gEek69> yes baby google me
[22:03] <gEek69> im in the top rank
[22:04] <silentpyjamas> oh yeah? that’s pretty hot
[22:04] <silentpyjamas> i’m gonna google you some more then
[22:05] <joshin> Ok you two, get a room. ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:05] <silentpyjamas> we’re just talking about googling
[22:05] <silentpyjamas> hot, electronic search engine action
[22:05] <joshin> Sure… ๐Ÿ˜‰
[22:06] <silentpyjamas> all of that steamy binary streaming through the pipeline
[22:06] <gEek69> turn safe search off i like it hot and dangerous
[22:06] <silentpyjamas> servers just waiting to fill up my hard drive with hot, streaming data
[22:06] <joshin> At least you both aren’t doing unixy commands on each other, finger, touch, fsck, sleep
[22:06] <silentpyjamas> ooh i never use safe search. i like it bareback
[22:07] <gEek69> oh baby scan my root and share all my data
[22:07] <joshin> How many times a day do you wanna get searched?
[22:07] <silentpyjamas> as many times as possible, baby
[22:07] <silentpyjamas> i want hits and hits and hits
[22:07] <silentpyjamas> googlekakke
[22:08] * joshin twiddles silentpyjamas google toolbar
[22:08] <silentpyjamas> ooh i love it when you tweak my bar
[22:08] <gEek69> hey hey!
[22:08] <silentpyjamas> you’re gonna make me optimize
[22:08] <gEek69> im the one getting the hot google action
[22:09] <gEek69> hit me silentpyjamas be about me
[22:09] * joshin overclocks silentpyjamas
[22:09] <silentpyjamas> oh god yes, my hard drive is spinning so fast
[22:09] * silentpyjamas sighs and sure wishes they had some liquid cooling around here
[22:10] * gEek69 water cools silentpyjamas some
[22:10] <silentpyjamas> i think i need some more ram
[22:11] <gEek69> baby youve got all the ra you need right here
[22:11] * joshin slowly raises silentpyjamas’s FSB and keeps raising it until she blew screams (I mean blue screens)
[22:12] <silentpyjamas> thankfully i can get right back started again
[22:12] * silentpyjamas reboots
[22:12] <silentpyjamas> now, where was that dongle?
[22:12] <silentpyjamas> i’ve got a lonely, hungry port that just needs to be filled up with a big dongle
[22:13] <gEek69> the male connector is your friend, insert into port gently
[22:13] <gEek69> then whack it in harder as you feel it get harder
[22:14] <silentpyjamas> oh yeah! connect with me baby! i want your sweet internet all over my monitor
[22:15] <joshin> gEek69, Please don’t hack her ports. Otherwise you’ll perform an illegal operation
[22:15] <gEek69> its bearly legal now…
[22:15] <silentpyjamas> you gotta caress me baby, login to my router and finesse all my ports open
[22:15] <gEek69> all your ports belong to me
[22:15] <gEek69> surrender and prepare to be boarded
[22:16] <silentpyjamas> ooh are you gonna rootkit me?
[22:16] <gEek69> baby ill exploit you like never before
[22:16] * joshin runs a virus checker on gEek69
[22:17] <silentpyjamas> oh..but i’m a little shy about the backdoor hacking
[22:17] * silentpyjamas isn’t that kind of machine
[22:17] <gEek69> dont worry baby, once you start you cant stop.
[22:17] <joshin> how are you about doing a little poking about
[22:18] <gEek69> joshin, go fuck you
[22:18] <silentpyjamas> ooh, i love it when you go directly to the special places
[22:18] * joshin things that gEek69 is getting a bit jealous
[22:18] <gEek69> ill access your kernel area and sefault you all night
[22:19] <joshin> Great, gEek69 coredumped again
[22:19] <silentpyjamas> O_O all over my drive
[22:19] <silentpyjamas> now it’s covered in sticky binary
[22:20] <joshin> silentpyjamas, has her sticky bits set
[22:20] <silentpyjamas> joshin
[22:21] * gEek69 lights up a cigar
[22:21] * joshin remembers his Freud
[22:22] <gEek69> sometimes a cigar is just a cigar
[22:22] <joshin> ๐Ÿ™‚
[22:22] * silentpyjamas cuddles a usb hub and wishes the male connectors stayed more in touch with her hidden data
[22:23] * joshin files that away so as not to forget
[22:23] <silentpyjamas> better back it up
[22:23] <silentpyjamas> that kinda stuff seems to get corrupted and/or fragmented easily
[22:23] <silentpyjamas> those routines seem to be really poorly written in the male connectors
[22:23] <silentpyjamas> mmhmm
[22:23] * joshin is already corrupted
[22:23] <silentpyjamas> oh my
[22:24] * silentpyjamas feels her hard drive light flashing again
[22:24] <gEek69> .oO (NtOpenFile(silentpyjamas);)
[22:27] <joshin> hmmm wonder if I’d get a sharing violation if I also tried to reopen the files.
[22:27] <silentpyjamas> oohyeah multiple connections!
[22:28] <silentpyjamas> i’ll give you hot file-sharing access
[22:28] <silentpyjamas> hot p-to-p action
[22:28] <gEek69> im up all inside your file streams theres no secret i cannot explore, you are mine baby
[22:28] <joshin> Bewolf cluster here we come
[22:28] <joshin> and on that note joshin retires for the evening. Good night
[22:28] <silentpyjamas> sweet dreams
[22:28] <silentpyjamas> thanks for the e-action, baby
[22:29] <joshin> any time. Or every 4-6 hours or so. ๐Ÿ˜‰
[22:29] <silentpyjamas> OH!
[22:29] <silentpyjamas> duh
[22:29] <silentpyjamas> sorry
[22:29] <silentpyjamas> hahaha
[22:29] <gEek69> input data output data. the cycle continues
[22:29] <silentpyjamas> mmm, data in, data out
[22:29] <silentpyjamas> FASTER!
[22:30] <gEek69> Baby ill consume all your procesor power you and I are one
[22:31] <silentpyjamas> i can’t even go on any more
[22:31] <silentpyjamas> i am laughing too hard
[22:31] <silentpyjamas> my stomach hurts
[22:31] <gEek69> lmao
[22:32] <silentpyjamas> and not just from all of that RAMming ๐Ÿ˜›
[22:32] <gEek69> run away
[22:33] <gEek69> one night stand baby
[22:33] <gEek69> call me ๐Ÿ˜‰
[22:33] <silentpyjamas> omigod! one-night stand?
[22:33] * silentpyjamas sends you a message from your bank account”
[22:34] <silentpyjamas> “message” that is
[22:34] <silentpyjamas> nobody leaves me
[22:34] <silentpyjamas> I WILL INFECT YOUR ENTIRE NETWORK [22:34] *** _Marcus_ sets channel #winehackers mode +b *!*=silentpy@*.lv.lv.cox.net
[22:34] *** you were kicked from #winehackers by _Marcus_ (_Marcus_)
[22:34] *** Attempting to re-join
[22:34] You’re banned from that channel


this was great fun



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