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there’s a dog! 10 July, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

there is a dog licking my feet.  dog does not have a name yet.  he is adorable, looks like a cross between like a beagle or a jack russell and a heeler.  just cuddly-wuddly, really.  mad sam was away for the weekend and while he was gone the dog latched onto him.  it’s really no more than a puppy, all excitable and curious.  the dog followed him everywhere and he felt like he should bring him home.  he doesn’t appear to be a house destroyer, though he is quite fond of chewing up toilet paper, attempting to nosh on my laptop power cable, and jumping on the couch.  he refuses to stay on the floor.  the no-dogs-on-the-couch rule doesn’t seem to interest him very much.  right now he’s got really stinky breath.  really stinky.  but he’s very snuggly.  he needs lots of love.  he’s been here about 5 hours and at least 3 and a half of them have been petting time.

dog is a scaredy-puppy.  when he came in the door he was terrified.  crouched low, tail between his legs.  he slunk around for a while before he settled in.  well..preliminary settling.  he’s still getting used to everything, especially the cats.  barks at them.  he hasn’t met Slim yet.  he’s a big grey cat who is not very slim at all.  he’s my baby, my Slimmy-slim slim, and i wonder just hat he will think of dog.  dog gets a week to attempt to fit in.  i hope he makes it.

he’s got that carriage of defeat.  someone must have beat and kicked the crap out of this dog before he found mad sam.  poor thing.  watching him in the backyard today i felt so bad for him.  he came over to sit by me and i reached down to pet him on the head and he flinched away from me.  oh how well i know that feeling.  i thought about it, you know i think that no creature wants or deserves to spend their lives in the company of those who do not want them, or to be passed from the hands of one person to another until they’re flung into the world, unprepared and damaged.

dog is a breath of fresh air, to be honest.  the cats are very cool, but they’re not as much fun to play with.  it’s not always so awesome to try to keep dog off the couch, but he’s fun to pet and he’s genuinely happy to be loved and cared for.  mad sam said the entire weekend dog followed him around and barely left his side.  when he wasn’t sitting next to him he was out in the yard waiting for him.  and when mad sam got into the car dog went too.  dog is attached, and i know that what dog doesn’t know is that mad sam will take very good care of him.  the kids love him, the cats…not so much.  yet.  dog will learn that he’s finally found a home (i’m really *really* hoping he makes it through his probationary period) and that it will be his.  and he’ll be safe and loved and fed and taken care of.

i’m a little envious really.  while dog is finding his anchor, i am losing mine.  today my sister told me we need to begin packing to move.  my life is changing and sometimes it’s so painful.  yes i know that my sister isn’t about to vanish into the mists and alex isn’t going to be ripped away from me or anything but good heavens, everything feels bigger than i thought it would.

it’s alright.  dog and i will be fine.  we’re pals now.  i’ve smelled his breath and he’s chewed on my cable tether.  he’s busy getting acquainted with his new life so i should take his lead and get comfy in mine.



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