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also 6 July, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

Commander Asshole, i am sure you have no idea i am talking to you  this very moment you’re probably reading this going “boy i wonder who that jerk is that she’s talking to.”  it’s you.  by the way, when this all started, 3 years ago, you were just a captain.  Captain Asshole.  over the years you’ve gotten promoted.  sometimes i just can’t believe you

Commander Asshole i hate you.  i love you and i hate you and i hope that you realize that thanks to you i will never look at friendship the same way again.  i want you to know that thanks to being such a fucking moron and believing in your ideals and in you, i ended up looking like a fool.  but thanks to you i will never make that mistake again.  i hate you for proving me right, but i love you for saving me all the time and trouble in the world.  i never have to ask myself again whether it’s worth it, because the answer is always no.  you too.  totally not worth it and i’m glad it only took me 3 retarded years to figure it out.  you got a free ride on the Stupid Bitch Express but everyone behind you has to pay for your ticket.  at least i don’t have to ask today or tomorrow or even in the next 3 years, whether anyone means anything because in the end the answer is always no isn’t it.



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