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my sexiest blog post yet! 3 July, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

recall, the other night, when i was talking about reading erotica on skype. well just a little while ago i shared one of my erotic stories with Anonymous Reader X.

<silentpyjamas> i will never forgive myself for the phrase “juicy snatch”
<AnonymousReaderX> His hardness
<AnonymousReaderX> sounds like a title
<silentpyjamas> hahaha
<AnonymousReaderX> His Hardness, Mr John Smith
<silentpyjamas> lmfao
<AnonymousReaderX> “her slippery tunnel”
<AnonymousReaderX> what’s next, quoting Bon Jovi [Slippery when wet]? 🙂
<silentpyjamas> <_<

folks, this is being captured live. i am reporting it *as it happens*! i rarely read my own erotica. it makes me blush.

<AnonymousReaderX> Midtown Tunnel is slippery tonight, watch out people

oh, ho ho

(almost 12 hours later)

my boss’ girlfriend also read a couple of my stories.  she pronounced me “dirty.”  could this be true?  me, dirty?



1. KJK::Hyperion - 3 July, 2006

Yes, yes you are. I do remember that story, I do. You dirty, dirty girl

2. silentpyjamas - 3 July, 2006


3. Husband - 3 July, 2006

Tell me about it.

4. silentpyjamas - 6 July, 2006

geez even when my stories were on the internet nobody ever said i was dirty. i was gonna write some more but i don’t want you guys to think i am any more dirty than you already imagine.  😛

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