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you can see her, how she sparkles 2 July, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

she’s the last unicorn

just watched that with alex at my boss’ sister-in-law’s house while she, her sister, and a friend hung up some shelves in the garage (at like midnight).  so here i am, in the livingroom, watching the last unicorn and i cried like the whole way through.  i kept it hidden pretty good though, because i didn’t really want anyone asking me why.  the reason why, (it’s so much easier to type than to say) is that the last time i watched that movie i was a little kid and i watched it with my brother and my sister.  it was one of her favorites so we endured it many times.  it was always, to me, the perfect fairy tale.  but having seen it again, it hurt a little bit.  not just because my brother wasn’t there watching it with me, but because now i can see that it is a tale about love and pain and regret.  i had the lucky occasion to become acquainted with peter beagle (the author), through the email and i never really could tell him how i felt about it at the time because, well, i didn’t understand it.  i think now i see it is a very grown-up fairy tale.  i must acquire the book.  i want to write like that.

the end.

(well not really)



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