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spj’s blog…redux! 17 June, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap, stuff and nonsense.

looky there!  i changed my theme.  i was kind of nervous about it at first.  while i love new, exciting, different things and a lot of change, what i don't like to change are things that are home and comfortable.  but i forged ahead and think i did pretty well.  dig my new masthead!  that was done by Goonigoogoo, the man behind Bigger than Cheeses, the webcomic that will whip your webcomic's ass. thanks GOON! baby you know i love you.  

i'm feeling pretty good.  life's not as horrible as it seemed 20 minutes ago when i was wondering why there wasn't anything on the tv.  for sure!

what else is new, hmm, well, contemplating travel.  where to, you ask?  perhaps gay pah-ree, or amsterdam, or canadia.  WHO CAN SAY?  all i can say is, beware, innocent little world.  a coco might show up at your place.  BEWARE!

hmm this reminds me.  this totally reminds me.  check my sidebar for the stonenotes link.  CHECK OUT STONENOTES!  you know nothing of the beauty of  blueapples if you have not checked out stonenotes.  DO IT.  you will be so happy you did.  if you use windows.

mmm forensic files.  take care, lovely bloggery thing you.  kiss kiss, darling. 



1. noteconoded - 17 June, 2006


2. silentpyjamas - 17 June, 2006

gasp! i caught you!

3. whiskeykitten - 18 June, 2006

I dig the new blog ‘do’, babe! 🙂 Up, with a twist!

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