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did i dream you dreamed about me? 16 June, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

tonight i made an impulse purchase. rash and foolish, but it's the only one i could find on the whole of the internet. this is it, sun moon stars perfumed powder. ever since sun moon stars came out i have been crazy for it. not just because i love astronomy and space (but boy do i ever!), but because the commercials were so evocative, and when i smelled it i knew it was perfect for me. this is the only scent that has ever really seemed to be, well, me. i also like clinique happy but sun moon stars makes me feel beautiful. not like i dress up a lot, so i won't be wearing it all the time, but should i have reason to want to smell and feel lovely, i will have the good stuff to do it. i'm going to have to write the lagerfeld company and petition them peskily to FIND ME MORE SUN MOON STARS POWDER. this is crucial. real crucial.
my sister came home today with alex. i enjoyed my day off but i was sooo glad to see my malinky. one night by myself was enough to make me appreciate the divine noise of my household.

my sister got this book, "Superflirt" and it's very interesting. full of good stuff about body language. i'm an excellent flirt in person, unless i really like you, then i become a dork. this book has info and insight and all kinds of other stuff. let's just see how that goes. perhaps i will gain CONFIDENCE!

hmm not much else going on. well, a little something. i'm going to begin writing letters. i've been thinking about them and well, yeah i think it's a good idea. it will help expand my writing skills. no, you may not read them but thanks for asking! 🙂

i think it's about time i hit that bedtime highway. it's been wonderful, my lovely blog, talking to you.

i love you all

wherever you are

i love you



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