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hello people who wrote blog hate mail 23 May, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap, water tower.

what’s that all about? i haven’t done anything to anyone. if you guys are friends of some eddie chen, i’m sorry that your friend has the same name as a guy in a hallucination i have. for the record, no i am not talking about any eddie chen who uses the internet. i don’t see why anyone felt the need to write a harassing message just because they found the name of someone in my blog.

there are probably a load of eddie chens in the world, and it’s no mean feat to have the same name as someone else. i have the same name as a woman who is a criminal, my brother was murdered by someone with the same name as a policeman, my brother, incidentally, shared the same first and last name as my father. it’s not a huge deal, really. so please stop sending me hate mail because nobody forced you to read my blog and nobody is forcing you to comment on it. thanks very much and to the eddie chen that *i* know, on a planet that is not earth and a place that is not here, hello and i’m sure i’ll see you again.



1. DragonMinded - 4 June, 2006

Hi how are you you need to sign onto IRC we miss you

2. DragonMinded - 4 June, 2006

PS wtf that was supposed to have a heart in it but apparently left brackets are filtered out 😦

3. whiskeykitten - 13 June, 2006

We love you speej! NOBODY messes with M-E-T!

4. online stock trading guru - 10 January, 2010

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I’m Out! 🙂

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