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didja miss me? here’s a dream 21 May, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

i’ve been away. i know. I MUST MAKE TIME, dear blog.
well here’s something to make you feel better, now that i am typing into you. i have had a recurrence of a dream that i had once before.

i got a postcard in the mail. the front of it was monet’s water lilies, and back was an invitation to the opening of a new grand home. the person opening the house ws a man who was very famous for the reason that his wife vanished some time before. he never gave up looking for her. somehow, i had gotten this invitation so i called my friend nichole and said “hey let’s go.” so we went.

when we got there, there was already a little crowd. the house was incredible. it was on a clearing on a hill surrounded by trees. the entire house was made of glass. privacy was kept by these curtains that hung in every room on like, every wall.

there was a blue nursery, and across the hall, a yello changing station. and down the hall, a playroom. amazing. i separated from nichole (i was tired) and went into a room that had (of all things) a red grand piano. i was sitting in a red chair when security came in there looking for me. thinking i had to get out of there fast, i jumped up and was leaving when suddenly a curtain opened behind me. i was on the stage. the man hosting the event said “look, i did this all for you. i built this for you, so you would come home.” i was busy staring into the audience, catching nic’s eye and shaking my head quizzically, then her face changed. i looked over at the guy and
realized *he was talking to me*.

at no time had i been aware that i was this man’s missing wife and as far as i could recall, my life in the dream was the same as my real life. imagine that. the dream came back recently, i remember feeling shocked and scared but surprisingly charmed as well. as in, charmed life. that was the end of the dream. weird huh.



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