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hello people who wrote blog hate mail 23 May, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap, water tower.

what’s that all about? i haven’t done anything to anyone. if you guys are friends of some eddie chen, i’m sorry that your friend has the same name as a guy in a hallucination i have. for the record, no i am not talking about any eddie chen who uses the internet. i don’t see why anyone felt the need to write a harassing message just because they found the name of someone in my blog.

there are probably a load of eddie chens in the world, and it’s no mean feat to have the same name as someone else. i have the same name as a woman who is a criminal, my brother was murdered by someone with the same name as a policeman, my brother, incidentally, shared the same first and last name as my father. it’s not a huge deal, really. so please stop sending me hate mail because nobody forced you to read my blog and nobody is forcing you to comment on it. thanks very much and to the eddie chen that *i* know, on a planet that is not earth and a place that is not here, hello and i’m sure i’ll see you again.


didja miss me? here’s a dream 21 May, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.
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i’ve been away. i know. I MUST MAKE TIME, dear blog.
well here’s something to make you feel better, now that i am typing into you. i have had a recurrence of a dream that i had once before.

i got a postcard in the mail. the front of it was monet’s water lilies, and back was an invitation to the opening of a new grand home. the person opening the house ws a man who was very famous for the reason that his wife vanished some time before. he never gave up looking for her. somehow, i had gotten this invitation so i called my friend nichole and said “hey let’s go.” so we went.

when we got there, there was already a little crowd. the house was incredible. it was on a clearing on a hill surrounded by trees. the entire house was made of glass. privacy was kept by these curtains that hung in every room on like, every wall.

there was a blue nursery, and across the hall, a yello changing station. and down the hall, a playroom. amazing. i separated from nichole (i was tired) and went into a room that had (of all things) a red grand piano. i was sitting in a red chair when security came in there looking for me. thinking i had to get out of there fast, i jumped up and was leaving when suddenly a curtain opened behind me. i was on the stage. the man hosting the event said “look, i did this all for you. i built this for you, so you would come home.” i was busy staring into the audience, catching nic’s eye and shaking my head quizzically, then her face changed. i looked over at the guy and
realized *he was talking to me*.

at no time had i been aware that i was this man’s missing wife and as far as i could recall, my life in the dream was the same as my real life. imagine that. the dream came back recently, i remember feeling shocked and scared but surprisingly charmed as well. as in, charmed life. that was the end of the dream. weird huh.