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hola, mexican’ts 10 April, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap, inflammatory!.

that’s right, i said it. am i racist against mexicans? no, but they make up the vast majority of the illegals who contribute nothing to this country. they can’t be bothered to learn english, they can’t be bothered to come here legally, and they can’t be bothered to follow the law. mexicans who are here legally, are mexicans, but the illegals, in my mind, are and will always be mexican’ts.

no, it’s not. wait.


yes. i said it. it’s unfair that americans can get prosecuted for tax evasion yet a mexican’t can’t. because the law doesn’t even know they are here. know who kows? our economy, the one that is being drained by people who can be counted in the census but not get in trouble for being here illegally. that way our federal money can be stretched really thin and tight to pay for them. the economy that is being drained by mexican’ts who can apply for welfare and get it without being turned in for being illegal. the mexican’ts whose kids go to public schools, funded by public money (aka american citizen money) and who get free lunches and crap, but who don’t give anything back to us.

it’s completely unfair that if i moved to germany right now, the germans would not bother to learn english to help me out. i would have to learn german, oh and i would too, because it’s unfair if i don’t. it’s unfair that mexican’ts come here when they’re knocked up and ready to drop their babies, just so the children can be born here and be american citizens and they can stay. i say if you’re illegal, you should be sent home unless you can prove you have a child in the american public school system. we cannot have a drain on our economy like this and expect to remain stable.

it baffles me, just baffles me that mexican’ts are protesting in the streets (in spanish, of course) and blocking business and talking about taking a day off work as if that will break the american government and people and make us cave in to their stupid demands, which are basically to let them continue to drain the titty of america and then go home so their brother or something can take a turn. their country is in disarray economically, so instead of trying to fix it, they come here so they can do it to us. how vampiric. it’s not just the mexican’ts though, it’s all illegals, it’s just that the mexican’ts are so numerous.

i am so tired of having to listen to phone options en ess-pan-yole because the people that sneak across the border are *so* important that companies would rather irritate regular americans with phone menus that are tweice as long and bothersome as before because now they’re in spanish also.

a day without an immigrant? BRING IT ON! well, a day without illegals in any case. i’m all about immigration andexpanding america’s cultural boundaries, but only legally.




1. Jenny - 15 April, 2006

There is no law that say you have to follow the law. And if there was there still wouldn’t be a law saying you had to obey that law. In other words people will never follow any laws unless they want to. I imagine increasing the quality of your life is more important than the well-being of a country that you personally can’t really affect one way or another, for any average person. I don’t think you can blame your illegal immigrants for looking out for themselves. . .

That said, I wonder how long it’ll be until Mexico is a part of USA. 🙂

2. SeaSpam - 15 May, 2006
3. kim - 28 June, 2006

i was loving this blog until i came across this post.

way too many generalizations.

“no, but they make up the vast majority of the illegals who contribute nothing to this country.”

please back that up. i don’t think that you can.


how ’bout “the law is not optional, potsmokers”?

for the record: i am not mexican (i am a first generation american citizen of french/korean descent). i am an avid proponent of the glories of 420.

the people who are ruining our economy are not dark skinned. they are uniformly vanilla, and run companies such as enron, mci, exxonmobil, ford & gm. the amount of money lost to illegals has no significance when compared to enron, halliburton, big pharma, the savings and loan debacle, and on.

[/rant mode off]

please continue with your most excellent writings. i read many intriguing things here today.

4. silentpyjamas - 28 June, 2006

hi kim, and thanks for posting! i was beginning to wonder if this was going to ever piss anyone off. the truth is, i don’t believe mexicans are the bane of all our troubles, or even most of them. illegal immigrants on a whole, yes, are pretty troublesome. i also believe that if an illegal is caught (hello, felony) they should pay for their crime. it’s wrong to reward someone for committing a crime. i know the law isn’t optional for me either but if i get busted, i’ll take the hit because i’ve made an informed decision to indulge in my little habit.

i don’t hate mexicans, only mexican’ts, and mexican’ts are comprised of more than just mexicans. it’s just a catchy word tho. also i don’t think that comparing one crime to another changes anything really, they’re both crimes, and just because one’s done by rich white guys and the other one is done by foreigners within walking/driving distance doesn’t make either of them really any less objectionable. doesn’t make pot smoking any less objectionable either, but at least i’m doing it in my legal home in my country of citizenship.

5. kim - 28 June, 2006

on atc/npr this pm they discuss a federal program to require proof of citizenship for recipients of medicare. on the surface, this sounds like a good idea. however, the cost of administering the program will far exceed the monies recovered. and many rightful beneficiaries will be denied coverage.

stepping back, the reason i hate having the immigration debate (or flag burning, terri schiavo, gay marriage) is that it is such a minor issue when compared against those such as the war in iraq, the economy, the environment, oil independence, katrina recovery and providing healthcare for all americans. finding and implementing solutions for any one of these issues will require a laser-like focus, tough choices and a consensus among citizens. immigration et al are just distractions, and these issues also serve to segment the population at a time when we need to pull together. we’re in for a week of flag burning amendment discourse. how is this a problem?

and, as far as comparing one crime to another, i think that one must consider the harm done. on one end of the spectrum there is pot smoking, on the other is running the largest accounting scam ever and cheating hundreds of thousands out of their retirement savings.

and i’m just not sure that the average american is harmed by illegal immigration. most of us would’t do that work at twice the pay, and most people here on the east coast are just a degree or two away from an illegal who cleans their office or washes their car.


in my dreams last night: 2 kittens, each blind in one eye. (my cat is probably pregnant and i am considering finding a vet to perform a kitten abortion/spay combo)

(oh, and ‘mexican’ts’ – wordwise it is catchy/interesting, you do choose many interesting words for use here on your blog, but i think that there is no way to use this one without implying racism)

6. MEXICO PUEDE. - 18 May, 2008


7. smarter than you - 5 June, 2008

wow.. that’s some ignorance there if I’ve ever seen it.

using the word mexican’t as a description of a certain type of Mexican is similar to using the word, “nigger” as a description of a certain type of person of African descent.

I don’t see you doing that. I just see an upset American that is jumping on the border-bashing bandwagon.

Reread your blog entry and replace your Mexican stereotypes with Black stereotypes, and then you’ll realize how much of an idiot you are.

*Right now someone is bashing you and your precious black daughter’s culture, with the same chip on their shoulder.*

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