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child-creature 30 March, 2006

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

my niece, alex, is just the love of my life.  sure in the almost 3 years now since she became mobile she's caused me more injuries than i have caused myself over the previous 31 years of my life.  but she's alright.  in fact, she's pretty awesome.

here's something else awesome.  today, in fact less than 2 hours ago, i said this (verbatim): "Alex, what has Auntie CoCo told you about manual strangulation?"  when do you ever expect to have to say that to a child?  never, i'd think.  especially not a 3-year old.  (in case you're wondering about a discrepancy here, she started walking at 7 months.  her birthday is in november) 

i never really realized how dangerous parenting is, at least to the parent.  i know kids can get hurt but while alex has sustained no real injury at all, *ever* from playing with me, it's only been the past 3 or 4 months that i haven't had my lip busted 3 or more times a week and been seriously concerned about whether my nose is broken.  not that she's out to get me or something, but heavens, she plays rough.  very rough.  



1. Nichole - 2 April, 2006

My, my she’s a precocious little thing isn’t she? 🙂

2. Mike - 10 July, 2008

it is not normal for a toddler to play so roughly that her adult playmate sustains injuries to the face. the kid needs to learn to play gently, or she will have trouble when she manhandles a playmate later, and experiences the backlash that is sure to follow. Just trying to help.

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