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eddie chen, take 3 18 December, 2005

Posted by silentpyjamas in chronicle of the crazy, water tower.

i sometimes think i remember getting it on with mister eddie chen.  imaginary sex with an imaginary person(!)  i edit that: remember having gotten it on.  details? no. that weird feeling you get around someone you’ve done it with? yes.

why am i even writing this? well, it’s part of the eddie chen experience. besides, eddie’s an interesting guy. when he’s not trying to get me to move into his giant building, he’s upstairs. i spend a lot of time alone at his place. i read a lot, but his reading material is not like ours. it consists of a lot of dots and is on this sort of…like accordion paper, except it’s from like, up to down instead of the folds being on the sides. about the dots, they’re in patterns. and i don’t have any trouble reading them. i remember being curled up on his bed (damn that confortable bed!) and sipping something hot and reading one of his books. circles and dots. seemingly just splattered across the page, but that’s not the case at all. they’re like those asian characters. ideograms? ideographs? picto-thingys? you know what i mean.

but uh, yeah. it occurs to me that the act of typing this proves i am completely insane. i can’t believe i am sharing this. then again, it’s not such a big deal to share it. it’s just kind of odd that i am sharing it with anyone who happens to stumble across it.

in other news, i have a terrible hangnail



1. eddie chen - 22 May, 2006

who are u?

2. michael liu eddie's fre3nd - 22 May, 2006

hu the fuck are u ?
intersing story!

3. stef - 22 May, 2006

this is really stupid..eddie just 2 tell u ur a pimple face shit heat that looks like a short pig

4. stef - 22 May, 2006

soz i mean head instead of heat

5. Bob - 26 July, 2007

What the fuck is your goddamn name

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