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hanging up the lights 14 December, 2005

Posted by silentpyjamas in blather and claptrap.

my mom is a funny lady.  she asked my sister and me to “help” her hang the garland and lights outside of the house.  we “agreed” of course, and started around 2pm.  at 7:45 pm we came back inside.  our fingers were cold and reluctant to bend or straighten.  we got the garland up, and while we measured just like mom showed me, our little drapes of garland looked like they were done by third-graders.  my sister argued with me that it’s okay to put more than 3 strands together end to end despite the packaging warnings, but my staunch insistence that with our luck mom’s house would burn to the ground and they’d have to come stay with us won her over.  we spent a good hour trying to figure out how to hang the icicle lights from the roof.  first of all, she got these hooks that you can use with a broom handle or whatever so you don’t have to use a ladder.  marvelous except on the not-flat roof tiles of las vegas those things don’t work.  then we got some hung, using the hooks you use for the ornaments.  we got all the way to the peak of the roof (this being the strand that went out whenever it was moved) and then one of the hooks went weak on us and the lights fell.  and fell and fell and fell until the entire front of the house was divested of its lights.  we took a break, started over with heavy duty paper clips in lieu of s-hooks which were what we wanted.  it was getting dark but we persevered, hoping our neighbor wouldn’t think we were planning on keeping his ladder forever.  we started a fire in mom’s fire pit and got back to hanging lights.  we decided to hang a big star first and then hang lights coming down the edge of the roof on either side.  we did this.  we got the lights stretched across the front of the house, from edge to edge along the roof line.  we hung them backward.  so we had two socket ends next to one another.  you can’t imagine our frustration.  naturally this meant we have to hang another strand to go alng the side of mom’s house up the walk so we won’t have 30 feet of extension cord hanging around outside.  by then it was too cold and dark.  after almost 6 hours of hanging lights from the roof, we have not managed to get those lights lit yet.  thursday we go back to try again. 



1. Isaac - 14 December, 2005

I’m sorry is it okay to think this is a little funny? Hehe…

But sad, yes very sad.

2. silentpyjamas - 14 December, 2005

it is very funny. my sister and i laughed the whole time!

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