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…disengage…(last moments) 14 December, 2005

Posted by silentpyjamas in poem-tree, stuff and nonsense.

machine…motors whirring
iron heart pumps…
clank clank
this hand
that leg
lift, shuffle, bend, throw
all is well
…..status check: lifesigns registered. all systems operational…..
optical cells active
respiration normal
temperature normal

a blow.
several blows.
protective covering…damaged
system check: leaking fluid. alarms sounded. platelets dispatched. body temperature dropping…97…96.9..96.7…respiration accelerated. heart rate up. commencing tachycardia. coagulate..coagulate. repair protective covering. escape. adrenaline dipatched. system error: fight or flight response deactivated. unable to coordinate gross motor responses. fight/flight unavailable. please check back later.

unable to process.
slow, slow breathing.
slow heart rate.
form bruises.
begin protective scabbing.

status: untenable. system malfunction. no reboot. (houston this is one for the scrap pile.)

optical reception ceased.
releasing bodily contents.
paddington frisk


system check: disengaged



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