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eddie chen and his amazing water tower 13 December, 2005

Posted by silentpyjamas in chronicle of the crazy, water tower.

i don’t know why the water tower is called the water tower.  well, i kind of do.  it has something to do with rain, but i don’t know what, as i have never actually seen it rain there.  it’s massive.  imagine something roughly the shape of the bow of a ship but really huge, balanced on a base the shape of a golf tee.  i have no idea how it doesn’t fall over.

the water tower is really called the Ourk’th and the word means something but i forget what.  eddie himself built it.  it’s like an offering, i guess.  wherever he’s from sometimes people need to do a great work and that’s his labor of love.  so he built this thing and i have no idea what it’s for.  it’s so damn big you could fit several large office buildings into it and yet i have never seen anyone go up there into it.  i’ve never seen anyone there but eddie and me.  i’ve heard other people in the elevator but that was one night after a party.  i guess they followed us back.  eddie took them up there and wouldn’t let me go.  i fell asleep waiting for them to come back down.  they did but by then i was sleeping and grouchy because i heard them coming in.  i should have gone out there, probably, but i was being a bitch.

so, this Ourk’th.  i only know that k’th is the name for that type of building.  among his people this is kind of the thing to do.  most people who build a k’th are regarded as being very odd by their fellow citizens, though the k’th is a recognized and revered sort of structure.  there are others, eddie told me once about a Rak’th, which inspired him.  his eyes lit up when he was describing it, and i could see he was right back to his childhood on that little piece of a planet looking at the thing.  the Rak’th was a dead structure, though.  the little place where it was no longer had any water.  i guess nobody lives near an abandoned k’th.

the prefix, i guess, Our- and Ra- mean the name of the shape.  the shape of the building is some kind of really personal and spiritual kind of thing.  the name of it means whatever, their struggle or their quest or something, and then the prefix becomes the name of the shape.  so…Ourk’th means like, eddie’s struggle represented in the building, plus now the shape of the building and any thing shaped like that afterward.  apparently none are ever shaped plainly and are really sculptural and when i asked him how it stayed up without toppling he said that it stays upright because he made it and he wills it to because he built it. 

i don’t know that this is necessarily a supernatural kind of thing, though i can’t rightly say he’s some kind of secretly backward unscientific savage because i know that here or there, i couldn’t even conceive of building something like the water tower.  especially not alone.  it kind of leads me to wonder how old he is, though.

he told me when he started it was desert.  and that when it is a desert again the Ourk’th will “die.”  not in the sense that it’s alive, i think.  i’m not sure what other kind of sense there is but i didn’t get the idea that the  building was any kind of organism.  i kind of think maybe it needs water to work.

it’s a very safe building.  i just sort of know that.  nobody will mess with it.  nobody ever comes out to bother eddie.  aside from the night of the party i’m the only visitor i know.  eddie with his white button-down shirts and his mona lisa smile never tells me anything.  i haven’t been back there in a while.  it’s been some months.  maybe next time i’m there, if i can remember before i forget, i’ll try to find out more about eddie chen and his amazing water tower.



1. whiskeykitten - 13 December, 2005

Awesome so far, missy.
I’m hooked, waiting on the next installment.

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