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there’s a first time for everything 12 December, 2005

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this is what they say.  half the time we don’t remember our first time.  the first time we had sex?  sure, most of us remember losing our virginity if we don’t still have it.  first time we rode a bike?  maybe a bit more fuzzy in the brain meats.  how about the first time we tied our own shoes?  you’re good if you’re over 18 and remember that.  hell, if you’re over 8 and remember it you’ve got some memory.  so this is my first honest-to-badness blog post.  let’s wander through it and see where it goes, shall we?

first of all i’d like to say hi to my not-so-evil twin, whiskeykitten.  kiss kiss, darling!

you should probably know the shift key is my mortal enemy.  that is, if you don’t already know.  when i was in school, ee cummings liberated me.  i have found that the english language is so much more flexible than i ever imagined.  this is not to say my near slavish refusal to capitalize is “exercise of the language” because it’s not, but what a nice, if now awkward segue it’s made.

back to the language.  my sister and i have some terrific things we do with words.  one of the things i love about my sister is that at any moment she’s ready to join or start a word game.  these games are uber-cheezy, but they keep our minds hopping and frequently make us laugh.  one of our favorites is simply to say a word that rhymes with the last word the other person spoke.  this usually happens out of nowhere.  eventually we end up using synonyms (well, rarely), antonyms, words that are somewhat associated, this is good babble huh.  the point is we can go on half the night back and forth uttering words that are somewhat, even if only marginally, related.

she also understands my penchant for really appreciating the wholeness of a word.  one of my favorite examples of this is the way she can understand what i mean when i use the word Teutonic.  now, to many people this simply means German.  to my sister, Teutonic and German are 2 different words.  of course they’re the “same” but whereas German has all of these sorts of associations of lederhosen and beer, Teutonic is more of that cold, engineering thing.  doesn’t make any sense to you?  thank heaven for my sister.

perhaps “wholeness of a word” was the wrong phrase.  i know the right one will totally show up tomorrow.

beyond this cheeze which i have just blathered about, let me see what else is good to go in this blog post…

—-time passing as i frantically try to prod my brain into action—-

…smell that?  it’s the scent of thinking.  deep-fried brain cells.

—-glorious reentry—-

miss me?  while i was thinking i decided to share some poemtry.  yes poemtry.  don’t argue or i’ll send my legions of killer robots to your house to steal one of every pair of socks you own.  then what, huh?

this is kind of old but i totally still like it.  i wrote it one night at ihop in dallas when i was sitting with my friend daniel who had fallen asleep.  i used to have the major hots for him so of COURSE i stared at him.  and then poof!  there was a poem.

Daniel’s Dreaming

Come Morpheus
Come Mephisto
With moonlight boots and cast your net of clouds
Down into this fertile sea teeming with sleep-created life
Unwind your tether of chaos and lead down the path of unbridled imaginings
Come Selene
Come Persephone
On carpets of lush moonlight and make the night things bloom
Come Fates
To weave your endless possibilities on the loom of this slumber
Dance until the sun comes up
Until you vanish in the face of day
Like demons in the face of God
Daniel’s dreaming now
Your hour has come


-the end-



1. whiskeykitten - 12 December, 2005

I totally get Teutonic.
*kiss kiss, dahling*

Welcome, neighbour.
Can I borrow some blogsugar?

2. silentpyjamas - 12 December, 2005

*hands over several blogcups of blogsugar*
anything for you, pretty lady!

3. MaXilla - 13 December, 2005


4. Simpleton - 13 December, 2005

On the teutonic/german thing: I would’ve called it two differing styles. To me, it’s the difference between “modern” germany (german), and medieval germany(teutonic). Teutonic always made me think of knights for some reason.

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